Saturday, December 17, 2016

Literature Review #5



What’s Going on with Young People Today? The Long and Twisting Path to Adulthood
 Jr., Richard A. Settersten, and Barbara Ray. "What's Going on with Young People Today? The Long and Twisting Path to Adulthood." The Future of Children 20.1 (2010): 19-41. Web.
This article focuses mainly on how the ages in which many achieve traditional markers of adulthood have been in a state of flux in recent decades. Several reasons can be attributed to these changes including economic, social, and political shifts. One main point is that many of the current generation are following a path that sets them up for achieving such markers at later ages than in past generations.
Richard Settersten Jr. teaches at Oregon State University as a Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences. His research focuses on life-course studies.


"Definitions of adulthood also differ markedly by social class. For example, Americans who are less educated and less affluent give earlier deadlines for leaving home, completing school, obtaining full-time employment, marrying, and parenting." (Settersten & Ray 22"
 "Much of the media attention and public debate on the subject of the changing transition to adulthood start from the assumption that something is wrong with young people today as they take longer to “grow up,” that the “fault” is of their own doing." (Settersten  & Ray 36)


This article helps because it provies further proof of how the current generation differs from those of the past in terms of how society considers aduthood. Not only does it relate the fact that adulthood is often thought of as a specific concept, but it gives reasoning behind the recent shifts in its attainment.

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